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Match Report T20 WGCC vs TUFCC March 26th, 2016

posted Mar 30, 2016, 8:12 AM by Mayur Choudhary   [ updated Mar 30, 2016, 8:15 AM ]
by Prashant Dixit

I Kanpuria language, I call it "Raangbaazi se Jeetna" 

If this was an exiting match for you, wait till you read about the next game.

It was my pleasure to write the match report for the very the very first game this year.
As I am getting ready to go to the ground for our first match of the season with our rejuvenated team, I know we are ready to take WGCC to a new level this year. Feeling confident, I start helping the other prep the ground for the match as soon as I get there. Shortly afterwards, Amar explains the plan and discusses fielding positions, etc. and my confidence level increases.

After TUFCC wins the toss, they ask us to bowl first. During team the huddle, Amar shares the plan with the team and reiterates how each game is very important for us. We are ready to bowl! Go WGCCccccccccccc!!!!!!!!!

Amar starts with Sagar and Zeeshaan with the new ball, and for the first time I see Imran struggling to connect. It is a treat to watch Sagar and Zee bowling with impeccable line and length. After the first 6 overs, the score still under 20 and the TUFCC openers realize the urgency and begin to accelerate the scoring rate, and result in runs coming in at around 10 runs per over. I see that our next set of bowlers and fielders are under pressure and we drop couple of crucial catches as well. Amar keeps shuffling the bowlers and fielding to pull the game back in our control.

Last 5 overs  - TUFCC is swinging their bat at anything thrown at them but we start regaining control with Sagar bowling another excellent over, and other bowlers including Amar and Tarun bowling equally well. In the last 5 overs,TFUCC could only score 35 or so runs, a job well executed by the bowlers, fielders and captain. There was excellent bowling by Sagar, his bowling figure needs a special mention - 4 Overs, 1 Maiden and only 5 runs.

Our time to bat now, the target is 158 which is not a huge total to chase at our ground but is still not a cake-walk either. Amar and Dipen (with his weird looking new helmet) open the inning. Amar starts scoring briskly but Dipu nicks one to the keepernot a start we wanted to see. 

Damodar is next (Damu thanks for the tea BTW). For the next couple of overs, Amar keeps scoring, I was hoping for a partnership, but soon my hopes were crushed as Amar walks back. Sinu is next and Amar asks the next set of batsmen to pad up as well, meanwhile Damodar adjusts to the bowling, but before he capitalizes, he is given an LBW for a bowl, which seemingly pitched outside the leg. TUFCC is totally ecstatic and we are in a state of shock (not for the first time though). 

Amit is next (for those who do not remember, Amit has a history of most number of ducks before opening his account for WGCC last year). However, I have high hopes from him and I have seen him connecting well during practice sessions. 

Sinu and Amit start building their partnership. However, there is still a long way to go for us and with the run rate creeping, we were only 58 for 3 at the end of 10 overs with still 100 to chase in the next and last 10 overs. I can sense the tension level increasing in the WGCC camp, but Sinu and Amit look very cool and calm as if everything is under control. During the over break, feeling impatient, I run to the pitch and ask them to step up the scoring rate, and to my surprise Sinu tells me that, "don't worry we have a plan."

Fast forward - 18.5 overs, yes still 7 balls to go, now TUFCC is in shock, they lost the game, which at one time they thought they had in their hand. How did this happen?? High elbow drives over mid-off, crisp cover drives, boundaries square of the wicket, pull over square leg for sixes, sweeps toward third man, good running between the wickets, cheeky boundaries towards third man, and a very smart display of batting. That is how I crystallize their batting. Sinu ends with 64 in 41 balls and Amit ends with 52 in 35 balls.