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T20 Summary

posted Apr 16, 2018, 7:42 AM by Sagar Dinesh
Hello team,

Our T20 tournament ended just the way it started. Wet and washed out. That being said, I am extremely proud of our performances in this tournament. Few key highlights

  • Scores of greater than 175 in ever game we have played. I have never seen such consistent batting performance in my time in WGCC! 
  • Total of 2 centuries and 3 fifties in 3 games! 
  • Senior players raising their hands up and performing to compensate key losses such as Biv and Vijay due to injuries. Mayur, Dipen, Damu, Prashant and Amar - you guys made my job easy. 
  • Players such as Anup and Sarvar stepping up to the plate - showcasing their abilities to perform in the big games
  • Our 'remote' players, Neel and Aditya playing 2 games on the same day, showing their commitment to the cause. I know that if his knee allowed, Vicky would've been there too. 
  • It was also heartening to see players changing their personal plans and risking the wrath of the 'boss' to show be available for the games. Tarun, Raj, Sarvar - I salute your bravado. ;-)
  • Constantly seeing a squad of 13-14 people at every game, cheering us on. Guys like Gaba, Joe, Prageesh, Guru and Prady - you epitomize the spirit of WGCC! Special call out for Biv, who in spite of his injury and busy schedule took out time to come see the games and cheer us on. 
It wasn't a great way to end the T20 tournament. I do believe we had a good chance to win yesterday. However, it is time to regroup and look at how we can improve our T35 season. We have a few areas still to improve on.
  • We missed approx 10 chances in 3 games. That is way too many. Some of them were relatively simple and cost us the game. Against tougher opponents, we cannot afford such mistakes.
  • Ground punctuality was poor on most days. We had the same few players setting up the ground. I expect each of you to be more responsible towards ground duties before and after the game.
  • Disappointingly, we only had 10 players for our QF game. Many people backing out without explanations and at the last minute. Understand the weather wasn't conducive and it was a long drive. However there are rules that we have to follow in such situations. Commitment is a two way street - if you cannot show commitment to your club, don't expect the sky in return. The club is always bigger than the player.
This is also a time for feedback. So if anyone has suggestions on how we can do better as an individual and a team, please reach out to me and/or Prashant and let's improve our performances. 

I believe in this squad and what we can achieve together. Let's continue this momentum and have a great T35 season.

Play to win!

Sinu Nair