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WGCC vs CDCC August 27th at Hwy 218 ground

posted Sep 13, 2016, 1:53 PM by Mayur Choudhary
by Prashant Dixit

On a hot and humid day CDCC beats WGCC, August 27th, WGCC's sportsmanship allows CDCC to complete the game instead of a washout.

It was probably the hottest day of the cricket season and that too on a ground, which didn't have a proper seating and shade. WGCC lost the toss and was asked to bat first. Dipen and Sarvar opened batting for WGCC, both took WGCC to 46 runs before Dipen got out. CDCC experimented with 7 to 8 different bowlers within the first 15 overs, but WGCC kept scoring at a decent run rate, Amar played run a ball cameo before getting caught behind the wicket. With 128 runs on the board and 4 wickets down, WGCC was desperately seeking to accelerate the scoring rate, with that in mind Amar sent Ashish to do the job. Ashish played brilliantly, he scooped balls to boundaries all over and also took quick singles and doubles, while Sarvar on the other end completed his first 50 of the season also his first for WGCC. Good batting Sarvar. WGCC scored 215 with Biv adding a quick fire 18 in just 8 balls at the end. All in all it was a decent batting effort by the team and also a satisfying performance, not knowing CDCC's batting prowess.

Biv, along with Arpit opened bowling for WGCC. Biv was particularly good with the new ball as he challenged CDCC openers with accurate line, length and swing. Aripit on the other hand was quick and accurate. Biv got the opener cheaply but CDCC kept scoring at a decent rate. First 8 overs or so WGCC was in the game, but then CDCC started attacking bowlers and scored quickly. 
None of the other bowlers were effective, except Sagar, who tried restricting the flow but poor ground conditions and heat were taking their toll on the players and they couldn't stop CDCC from scoring 215. There were a couple of incidents on the ground with CDCC players and the umpires but one good thing which is worth mentioning here is that after 25 overs gone and with 200 run on the board it started pouring heavily and pitch was practically in the un-playable conditions but WGCC with good sportsmanship decided to complete the game and accepted the defeat.