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WGCC vs TUFCC Practice match April 23rd

posted Apr 25, 2016, 7:44 PM by Mayur Choudhary
By Prashant babu

After our better than ever T20 season we are eager to prepare for the longer version of league games. We grabbed the opportunity to play against TUFCC one more time at our home ground.
By the time I reached the ground, (after picking Prady from his home) we are getting ready to bat first, remember it is a 30 over game. Amar asks Prady and Dipen to open batting. Both of them start briskly and Prady looks really comfortable as he flicks one to fine leg for four. Dipen on the other hand nicks one to the keeper after scoring a quick 7. 
Parthav is next and I see that left & right combination starts troubling TUFCC bowlers. Prady is scoring easily on the vacant sweeper and backward point areas. Parthav shows great concentration and plays sensibly and both of them start building the partnership. Soon Prady goes berserk J and tries hitting towards over cover but only manages to get inside edge into the stumps. Good batting by Prady, he scored 33 runs. 
Rohit walks in next, he starts playing very sensibly by taking quick singles, meanwhile Parthav steps on the gas by hitting three consecutive 4s, but before they build the decent partnership, Parthav gets out, but not before making a good solid 39 runs. Nehal is next, TUFCC seeing the opportunity, brings Imran back on attack. Unfortunately Nehal gets out for only 1 run. Jassi joins well-set Rohit who continues to solidify his innings by hitting a couple of boundaries and taking singles and doubles. Jassi starts scoring as well and this is the very exciting phase as they are both running really hard, converting 1s into 2s. But soon their quick partnership ends when Jassi is out, but not before making a quick 17 runs. With only three overs left, Adi is next, and he immediately starts scoring at a brisk rate. Meanwhile, Rohit gets out after making an excellent 47 runs of 50 balls. I am next; with 2 overs left Adi makes good use of every delivery and scores 17 runs in a rapid-fire manner. WGCC ends up with 197 for 6 in 30 overs; an above average score in our ground in a 30 over game.
Amar starts with Arpit and I with the new ball. My first delivery is on its way and Imran hits it towards fine leg for 4 (reminded me of T20). He is in his usual mode by playing aggressively and hitting Arpit also for a boundary. Third over and Arpit’s pace is too much for Imran to handle as he nicks one to Dipen (he is keeping today in absence of Sinu) with
6 overs, only 1 wicket down and around 35 runs scored. However, in the next 4 overs, the momentum shifts towards WGCC where both Arpit and I got into a good rhythm and knock out 4 TUFCC batsmen. Soon TUFCC is down to 49 for 5. BTW, Amar took a superb slip catch of Shah (lefty) off of my bowling.
Amar brings Adi and Pradeep on attack, with Adi bringing the ball in and Pradeep swinging out. Both complement each other well. Those who know Juniad are aware that he is a very powerful hitter. But Pradeep bowls 5 dot balls to him and then takes his wicket on the 6thone, very well bowled Pradeep. TUFCC keeps losing wickets but still scores at a good pace. Amar brings Shiv, and he makes history by taking a wicket on his debut ball, yes, a wicket on the very first ball that he bowled. After this, Prady sweeps tail-enders and TUFCC was all-out for 115. Not sure how many times WGCC has beaten TUFCC, but this was a very special victory, as most of the new players contributed and performed excellently. Amar didn’t bowl or bat at all; he just marshaled the troops to a victory.